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STUDENTS: Logging in and Enrolling in Courses
by Marsyitah Ismail - Sunday, 6 October 2013, 9:08 AM

Dearest Students,

Starting September 2013 semester, all students must login to UNIEC Virtual using UNITAR’s NetID. This is the ID assigned to you by UNITAR’s ICT Department which is the username of your email.

If email is 
Username: mc1234bc567 (all lowercase letters)
Password is the same as your OFFICE365 email password.
 IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT change your password via UNIEC Virtual. Any changes should be made via Student Self Service Web Authentication Management ( or please visit ONE STOP CENTRE 03-76277200 for assistance.
Student’s Self-enrolment
For this semester, all registered students have to do self-enrolment to enter their courses in UNIEC Virtual. Step by step user guide and video tutorial to do this are attached with this email. Please use the resources to disperse the information to the students. Without the enrolment key, students will not be able to access their course page(s) and course materials. Students should request the enrolment key for each of their classes from the respective Tutors or Course Leaders.
UNIEC Virtual Guides for students
Attached is the User Guide in various forms for you to refer:
1. UNIEC Virtual – User Guide for Students (please refer attached PDF file)
2. UNIEC Virtual – Video Tutorial for Students Part 1 – Logging in: (to be viewed online)
3. UNIEC Virtual – Video Tutorial for Students Part2 – Self-enrolment: (to be viewed online)
Please use these guidelines to help you.
f)       UNIEC Virtual Helpdesk
Any enquiry or issue regarding UNIEC Virtual can be addressed to UNIEC Team:
       Phone no:
      03 7627 7321 (Marsyitah)
      03 7627 7381 (Radziah)
      03 7627 8139 (Haysriq)
      03 7627 7387 (Reem)
We thank you very much for your kind cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries.